Welcome to Deficit Demolition! This site is dedicated to providing people with debt basic ways and ideas to augment and enhance their personal financial journey to achieve the ultimate goal of being deficit (debt) free!


While there are definitely good resources out there that are geared toward the same goal, the purpose of Deficit Demolition is to break down the financial jargon as well as complex world of finance into terms and methods that are easy to understand as well as implement. Many things you will find here are tips and tricks I used to crush debt as well as make every dollar I have and spend count.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

– Warren Buffet

This website will also contain articles on topics such as ethical investing, financial leverage, bargain hunting, how interest rates work, and other topics that all play a role into controlling and eliminating debt. Whether you are new to these topics or already have experience in them, these articles will give you greater insights into the topics discussed and offer new ideas and solutions for effectively managing your money.

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