Welcome to the Deficit Demolition Partner page! Listed below are small businesses and individuals who have joined this website and are continuing their journey to financial freedom as entrepreneurs. Both people and entities are screened and selected based upon several factors including their dedication to integrity, passion for success, as well as providing quality products and/or services. Check back frequently as requests to partner with Deficit Demolition are rolling in!



Amazon is the world’s largest and most popular online business with products, music / video streaming, registries for weddings, babies, and more!


Cryptexx Consulting LLC

Cryptexx Consulting LLC is owned by David Higgins and has partnered with Deficit Demolition. This consulting firm specializes in personal finances / trading and investing, as well as small business operations.


Limelight by Alcone

Limelight offers safe skin products and makeup for both men and women free of harmful chemicals known to irritate skin. Their products can be used by anyone, even those with skin conditions. Knowledgeable staff and “beauty guides” are readily available to help locate products right for you, or pick out excellent gifts for friends and family.